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If there was a person who was more awake to the ​goodness of life, more wise, more kind, more ​effective and more humble than anyone else who ​had ever lived, and he invited you to be his ​apprentice and learn everything he knows, wouldn't ​that be the greatest offer you could ever receive?


What is Apprentice Life?

Apprentice Life is a nine week experiential learning course that explores the teachings and work of Jesus of Nazareth. Its purpose is to help you understand Jesus’ message and to learn to practice your faith day to day, and for a lifetime.

Apprentice Life is also an opportunity for someone who has been an apprentice of Jesus for a while to accompany a new follower to encourage them and model life as an apprentice of Jesus.

What to Expect

Life-Changing ​Teaching

You'll learn how the way of ​Jesus makes sense of your ​deepest desires, meets your ​deepest needs, and provides ​purpose that lasts beyond ​death.

Personal Mentorship

We'll help you identify ​someone with experience in ​following Jesus who will ​accompany you as a friend, ​conversation partner, and ​fellow learner.

Stimulating ​Conversation

You'll be walking alongside ​others, learning from their ​perspective, sharing the joy of ​discovery, and experiencing ​the difference that Jesus ​makes in your lives.

Apprentice Life Teacher

Dr. Tim McCarthy

Tim McCarthy is the Discipleship Pastor at North Langley Community Church, where he has served since 2011. From 1997 - 2011 Tim worked in student development at Trinity Western University. Tim's lifelong goal is to help men and women become passionate apprentices of Jesus, equipped with the knowledge, practices, and community that will help them walk the way of Jesus for a lifetime.

Tim holds a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Portland Seminary, a certificate from Arrow Leadership's Emerging Leaders program, an MA in Christian Studies from Trinity Western Seminary, and a BA in Christianity and Culture from Trinity Western University.

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Apprentice Life is a 9 week journey that includes 8 evening sessions, a weekend retreat, and a celebration meal. Find out more about topics and schedule here.

This is where current participants in Apprentice Life will ​find course content for review, the Group Forum, links ​and resources recommended during your sessions, and ​more!

This is where you'll find tools and training for ​accompanying one of the Apprentice Life participants.

C​ontact your instructor for the password!

Let your roots grow down into him,

and let your lives be built on him.

Colossians 2:6

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