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Is Apprentice Life

for me?

However you have become intrigued with Jesus, his life and his teachings, it has probably raised a lot of ​new questions for you. Whether your questions keep you from committing to Jesus yet, or you have ​actually decided to surrender to Jesus, you’re at the beginning, not the end, of your journey. Apprentice Life ​is designed to help guide you in the next steps on this journey.

The New Testament encourages us to aim for maturity in what we know and how we live:

And now,

just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord,

you must continue to follow him.

Let your roots grow down into him,

and let your lives be built on him.

Then your faith will grow strong

in the truth you were taught,

and you will overflow with thankfulness

(Colossians 2:6-7).

This is why we’ve created Apprentice Life!

Some of the participants we’ve had in the class include:

  • people considering whether being an apprentice of Jesus is for them
  • people who have recently begun a relationship with Jesus (through Alpha, Freedom Session, or the ​witness of a friend)
  • people who are considering, or have just recently taken, the public step of baptism
  • people who are returning to their Christian roots after not practicing for a chapter of their life
  • people who began a relationship with Jesus some time ago, but don’t feel like it was explained ​adequately to them
  • people who want to go from a superficial understanding to a deeper practice of their Christian faith.

Through this experience, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, what he taught, how he lived, ​and how that can change your life in deeper and deeper ways every day.

Through formal teaching, stimulating activities, group and companion/participant conversations, home ​activities to extend your growth, and mutually encouraging friendships, you’ll gain valuable tools to help ​you take ownership of your own learning and formation.

Our goal is to equip you, as far as you desire, for a lifetime of following Jesus, in community with others. ​Even if you’re still trying to discern Jesus’ role in your life, if you’re serious about learning more , then ​Apprentice Life would be a great place to do that, and you’d be welcome, no matter what kind of questions ​you bring!

Is there a cost?

Apprentice Life includes an offsite retreat about halfway through, which costs $180. This is a great time to get to know ​the rest of the course participants better and to spend some time in reflection over what you've been learning.

If you can contribute a weekly donation for your meal, that also helps!

If the cost is prohibitive, please speak with your Apprentice Life leader and we'll see what we can do to help. If it is ​prohibitive for everyone we will aim for an onsite retreat.

Spring 2024 Sched​ule

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Each cohort has a limited number of spaces.

To help discern if Apprentice Life is right for you,

please fill out this interest form.

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Let your roots grow down into him,

and let your lives be built on him.

Colossians 2:6

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